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Project Description

CVTF MULTI SYNTHETIC Automatic Transmission Fluid

Long life, synthetic lubricant for the latest CVT automatic transmissions, both chain-belt and push-belt, mainly recommended for Asian vehicles.


  • Its thoroughly-studied formula improves the sense of comfort whilst driving, reducing vibrations and helping the transmission to work more smoothly and at a higher torque transmission capacity.
  • A longer-lasting transmission is ensured thanks to an ideal balance between metal-to-metal friction and a high level of anti-wear protection.
  • Tested in vehicles equivalent to 100 000 km driving.
  • High resistance to oxidation, making it a long-lasting oil
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures.


  • 1 Liter
  • 4 Liter

Quality Levels

  • Toyota CVTF TC/CVTF FE
  • Nissan NS-1/NS-2/NS-3
  • Honda HMMF/HCF2
  • Mitsubishi SP-III/CVTF-J1
  • Subaru ECVT/iCVT
  • Daihatsu Ammix CVT
  • Suzuki CVTF/NS-2CVT Green 1
  • Hyundai SP-III • Chrysler Jeep NS-2
  • Mini Cooper EZL799 • VW G 052 516