About Majestic Quetta

About Majestic Quetta

Quetta is also spelled Kuwatah which is a variation of Kot, a Pashto word meaning fortress. It is surrounded by four grand hills, Murdaar, Zarghoon, Takatu and Chiltan, that form a natural rampart, almost acting as guards around the city. Quetta is the the Capital of Balochistan province and even though authorities have failed to develop it like they should have, Quetta remains one of the most significant and historic cities in Pakistan.

It is the largest city of the Balochistan province with an an area of 2,653 sqkm. Population of the city is estimated to be approximately one million.

Due to the vast multitude of fruit orchards in and around the city, the city is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan.

Quetta is internationally known for its quality dry fruit product.

Quetta is Pakistan’s only major high-altitude city.

There are a variety of fauna in and around the city including coyotes, markhor, hyenas, leopards, wolves, golden eagles and the bearded vulture (pictured below), among others.

Hanna Lake, a turquoise body of water, is snuggled in the hills, ten kilometers east of the city.

Quetta is home to some of the finest cuisine in Pakistan. Kadi Kebab and Lamb Roash, Balochi Kabab, Bolani, Balochi Sajji and Landhi are a few favorites.